Novastar Isoroof is laid loose in a single layer, with mechanical
rigidity for lightweight industrial roofing.
It also includes preventive fire protection to industrial guidelines and complies with
EN 1187.

Produced in robust thicknesses and, with its fitness for the purpose proven from millions of days in routine use, it is a particularly durable and handy, high quality, modified plastic waterproofing membranes.

Our special renewal track, with outstanding properties as the top layer in layered roof construction or for single layer renewals on all layers/bases, as well as suited to all roof designs, even those with very steep falls.

Its plasto-elastic properties, in conjunction with unsurpassed bonding strength, guarantees an economical and functional renewal of existing roofing layers.

Our membrane to DIN 18195 for industrial floors, car park roofs, bridge seals and under melted asphalt (Novaponti GA) to
ZTV Bel 1.

Novaponti was developed and certified for the special requirements of heavily used surfaces as a robust and durable sealing membrane.

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